What are we to do?


What do we followers of Christ do in a world which really doesn’t take us seriously anymore or even care about what we have to say?  Rather than lament a supposed past golden age, Professor Charles Arand outlines the future work of the church.  (Members of Holy Cross will remember him from the 1980’s.)

“It requires us to take stock of the current landscape of our culture…congregations now live in a culture that is shaped less and less b y the Christian faith, morals and hope.”  Rather than wringing our hands in worry.  “We equip students for service to our Lord,…not out of fear that we are losing ground or that we’ll lose the precious Gospel, but out of a confident hope born of a daring faith in the One who has joined Himself to us in His incarnation, dying a rejected man and being bodily raised to new life…to forgive sins, to grant new life-Jesus sent out His disciples into the larger Greco-Roman world…shaped by pagan philosophy and superstition-not by Christian thought.

Rather than withdrawing from that culture, the followers of Jesus plunged into society, making contact with people, engaging with them and translating the Gospel into the language and thought forms that confronted them with both God’s Law and the Good News of the gospel.”

Arand then quotes Martin Luther, “Faith is a living, daring confidence in God’s grace, so sure and certain that the believer would stake life itself on it a thousand times.”

My own comment.  We won’t find our future hope by aligning ourselves with any political figures.  Our hope is in only one figure, who aligned himself with us – Jesus Christ, son of Mary and Son of God.

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