The wisdom of Foolishness


The reading for Tuesday of Holy Week is I Corinthians 1:18-31.

Lord, what are you up to with this business of the cross?  With a word You created the universe that operates by laws. If we jump up to catch a ball, we do so with the unthought certainty that we will come back down.  With a word you created dark nights and days alight.  With a word and some red clay, you made us in your image, your likeness.   We live with the certainty that though we do not view the whole picture, you do, and will work out everything for good for those who trust in you.

Then what is this word of the cross that St. Paul admits is foolishness?  Where is the wisdom in   two crossbeams of wood, jammed into the ground from which we were formed?  Then to allow your Son, your only Son, to be hung there bloodied and battered to die.  Then to banish the light and leave it dark as night.  How is this a sign of power and glory?

Perhaps, instead of Holy Week we should call this week Folly Week.   Yet during this week of God’s foolishness, God in His wisdom recreated us as holy people, saints.  Sunday, we start a new week alive in the image of His Son.  God in his utter weakness gave us the power to live as sons and daughters of God. Thus, word of the cross is now our wisdom and sign of God’s power in our lives.

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