Don’t be an Old Lump


It’s Easter Monday and feels closer to winter than an Easter Lily Spring Day.  A good day to just be an old lump.  However, St. Paul won’t let me get away with that.  In I Cor. 5:6b-8 he says “Don’t be an old lump.”

Leaven (yeast) was a metaphor for my old self, my old lumpy self.  I can’t get away with being an old lump anymore, letting sin rise so that my old self governs my life. Christ has cleaned out the old lumpy self.  He accomplished this through his sacrifice as the one and done Passover lamb.

As far as God is concerned, I am free of the yeast of sin which tries to expand into my whole life.  I am a new lump as pure as the light of the sun.  (My old self wants to grumble, “Yeah if I ever see it again.”  Knock it off, don’t be an old lump.) Therefore, Paul calls me to live a life of festival.  In the context of the celebration of Jesus’ resurrection, every day is a day to sing: “Hail thee, festival day! Blest day to be hallowed forever.”

With that festival thought in mind this new lump goes off to walk at the Sunset Hills Community Center.



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