Psalm 148 and Jesus’ Resurrection


Hallelu Yah!  Halleluiah Yahweh!  So begins Psalm 148 in the Hebrew.  What a fitting psalm with which to continue to celebrate Jesus’ Resurrection.  As John writes, “All things were made through him and without him was not anything made that was made.”

Thus, from the heaven of the heavens and the messengers of God to the shining stars and the sun and moon, rulers of day and night, all are called to halleluiah the Lord.  Let halleluiah emanate from the earth; sea monsters and the deeps over which the Spirit hovered in the beginning.  Fire, hail, snow, smoke and windstorms are commanded to Halleluiah.  Mountains, hills, fruit trees and cedars, wild beasts and domesticated cattle, crawling things and winged birds join the Halleluiah chorus.  Finally, the powerful of the earth, kings, princes, leaders and all nations are commanded to join their voices of praise along with young men and young women, senior citizens, let them all halleluiah to the Lord exalting His name.  Hallelu Yah!

Jesus did not only die for you and me, but for the whole creation, which, according to Paul in Romans 8:22, is groaning like a woman in the travails of childbirth waiting for the children of God to be revealed and the new creation come to the fullness of its redemption.

For our salvation and the redemption of creation we add our Halleluiah, Praise the Lord.



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