Singing with Gusto and Exclamation Marks!


We opened our service this Easter 2 morning singing,” Now all the vault of heav’n resounds.”  I know the vault of heaven is the abode of the angels from which they sang at Jesus’ birth and in celebration of Jesus taking his place at God’s right hand.  But I like to think that the vault forms a chamber, like the nave of the church and that our singing, “Christ has triumphed!  He is living!” bounces off the vault and fills our ears and the universe with resounding sound.  How can we do anything but sing with gusto?  That alone is enough reason to go to church.

We were sent on our way at the end of service with the announcement, “Alleluia!  Christ is risen! And our response, “He is risen indeed! Alleluia!”  Notice the exclamation marks.  And then we sang, Herbert Brokering’s hymn, Alleluia! Jesus is Risen!  More exclamation marks. The resurrection of Jesus gives us the following hope –

  1. 5, City of God, Easter forever,

Golden Jerusalem, Jesus, the Lamb.

River of life. Saints and archangels.

Sing with creation to God the I AM!

Jesus is risen and we shall arise:

Give God the glory! Alleluia!


Sing with gusto and punctuate with exclamation marks!


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