Winter Wheat


Spring this year has been more Wintery than Springy; however, the winter wheat, having sprouted last fall and rested all winter, should be into it s growth spurt heading for an end of June harvest.  I suppose I should scoot over across the river into Illinois to check this out, but it was when we lived outside Collinsville and were surrounded by fields of wheat, corn and soybeans.

A least some of the wheat will be ground and baked into bread.  Thus at least in an indirect way, we who live surrounded by concrete and asphalt, can find a connection to the soil from which we were created, humus humans.  But our daily bread also connects us to Christ, who said, “I am the bread of life, whoever comes to me shall not hunger.”  Christ also said, “(Humus humanity) shall not live by bread alone.  The Subway sandwich I eat for lunch not only can remind me of Christ, but make me hunger for the bread of life which I and many others will eat this coming Sunday morning.  Echoing the words of Jesus, the pastor/priest will direct and remind us, “Take eat this is the body of Christ given for you for the forgiveness of sins.” With that bread I can, go in peace and serve the Lord having ingested the fullness of Christ.

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