Christ as Shepherd


I struggle with Good Shepherd Sunday.   We raised sheep growing up on the farm.  During the winter when I was trying to get straw out of the pile, one of the sheep would regularly come around the stack and attack me.  I’ll let Luther speak for me.

When he had found it, he lay it on his shoulders, rejoicing.  Luke 15:5.

There is scarcely any more precious illustration…than when the Lord Christ compares himself to a shepherd carrying a lost sheep back to the flock on his shoulders.  He is still carrying to this day.  The sum of the Gospel is this; the kingdom of Christ is a kingdom of grace and mercy, in which is never anything but carrying.  He bears our griefs and infirmities.  He takes our sins upon himself and is patient when we fall.  We always rest on His shoulders, and He never tires of carrying us, which should be the greatest comfort to us when we are tempted to sin.  Preachers in this kingdom should comfort the consciences, and deal kindly with them, and feed them with the Gospel.  They should carry the weak, heal the sick, and know just how to minister the Word to each person according to their need.


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