Sundays of Easter


Psalm 150 was appointed for this past Sunday.  Fifty years ago the psalm was often cited in the debate whether to allow the use of other instruments than an organ in worship. Today the psalm reminded me of the names for the Sundays of Easter up until 1974.  The Sundays were named after the first word in the Introit (entrance) There was something poetic about Jubilate (Joy), Cantate (sing) and Rogate (pray).  Cantate was a good Sunday to have a musical outburst before the choir took a hiatus for the summer.  Rogate, was a time to pray that the crops being planted by the farmers would lead to a bountiful harvest.

What might be a Latin name for some our Easter season Sundays now?  Well, the Sunday which begins with “In your presence there is fullness of joy,” could still be Jubilate.  Good Shepherd Sunday would be “Pastor Bonus.” Last Sunday would be “Videbitis” (See) and next Sunday “Audio” (hear).

There isn’t a lot poetry in those names, but neither was there in Quasimodogeniti, which made me think of the hunchback of Notre Dame, rather than “as newborn babes.” Or Misericordias Domini reminded me of misery rather than “goodness of the Lord.”

After due consideration, I think we should stick with the English.  Excuse me while I go watch the ballgame.

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