A Sermon in Poetry


I’ve done a few sermons in poetry, though it’s been awhile.  This morning I came across a poetic Easter sermon from the fourth century.  It seems to have been more common then.

Join, then, all of you, join in our Master’s rejoicing.

You who were the first to come, you who came after,

Come and collect now your wages.

The rich and the poor, sing and dance together.

You that are hard on yourselves, you that are easy,

Honor this day.

You that have fasted and you that have not,

Make merry today.

The meal is ready: come and enjoy it.

The calf is a fat one: you will not go hungry away.

There’s kindness for all to partake of and kindness

To spare.

Away with pleading of poverty:

The kingdom belongs us all.

Away with bewailing failings:

Forgiveness has come from the grave.

Away with your fears of dying:

The death of our Savior has freed us from fear.

Death played the master: he has mastered death.

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