Nudged by the Spirit


Jesus calls us his friends.  What a friend we have in Jesus, all our sins and griefs to bear.  However, there are expectations of us as Jesus friends.   “That you love one another as I have loved you.” (The following is drawn the weekly farm paper, the Country Today.  I’m using it in a sermon tomorrow.) On April 14-15, snow storm Evelyn dumped large amounts of snow on the upper Midwest.  Eastern Wisconsin received some 30 inches.  On the Al Oberstadt farm a 70 by 100-foot section of his barn roof collapsed. It killed one cow and injured 10 others. About 67 farms were impacted by the storm.  One of the people who stepped in to help was Kelli Zahn a member of St. Mary’s parish in Bear Creek.  She gathered a group of people, who put together meals to be delivered to fellow farmers in the area.  She said, “I just feel it was an act of God.  I felt like I was nudged by the Holy Spirit to say, ‘Hey, let’s do something to help people.”  Nudged by God to help these people.  The Holy Spirit nudges us to love one another as Jesus has loved us.  Nudges us to not only believe in Jesus as the Way, but to care for others a way of life.  When the Holy Spirit nudges us to reflect Jesus love for us by loving others, that is proof that we belong to Jesus, even in times of wondering.


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