Psalm for the Prune Days


Ever feel like a shriveled prune?  Well, Psalm 119: 81-84 may resonate for you on those days.

My soul is weak from waiting for you to save me.
My hope is based on your word.
82 My eyes have become strained from looking for your promise.
I ask, “When will you comfort me?”
83 Although I have become like a shriveled and dried out wineskin,
I have not forgotten your laws.
84 What is left of my life?

The Psalmists Nephesh -soul is his whole being. “My whole self is worn out waiting for you God to rescue me.  I’m hoping to hear some word from you.  Though I put my hope in your word, so far there is no evidence that you are doing anything to save me from my current situation.  My eyes ache from looking for some fulfilment of your promise.  I keep asking myself, ‘when will you console me?’

Even though my life is like a shriveled, juiceless prune I have not forgotten your statutes, I have not forgotten your word.  I’ve been faithful, how many days will you allow me to suffer before you do something?  I’m nearly at the end of my rope and I don’t know how long I will be able to hang on, if I don’t perceive that you are going make your promises more than hot air.  I’ve been faithful, now it’s your turn.”


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