Sunday Evening Thoughts

Don’t expect much.
Becky and I ventured across the Mississippi via the JB Bridge into Illinois. We passed through Columbia without a Hail, though we did make a pitstop at the MotoMart. Next was Waterloo where we made it safely through without meeting ours. We arrived at Redbud long after the buds were red. then south a few miles to Ruma, looking for St. John’s. We don’t have a GPS but I do use Google maps, though the view from the road is different thanthe one from the sky. But south of Ruma,(pop 300) I called out, “There’s the church.” and so it was.
I preached on 2 Corinthians 4:7 where Paul tells of a treasure in jars of clay. In the course of the sermon I took us back to God kneeling by a stream and taking a ball of clay and making the first clay work. On the way out of church a man stopped and told of the agnostic who told God that he could make a man of clay as well as God could, so that wasn’t so special. When the man reached down to pick up some soil God said, “Get your own dirt.”
Then a short 4 miles across the Kaskaskia River to Evansville, even smaller than Ruma, On the south end of town was St. Peters. There is a Lutheran high school there which I didn’t know.So now we know where a couple of new places are.
Then we retraced our journey and arrived home ready for the couch.
The winter wheat is turning and by the next time we venture out on the 24th will likely be harvested and the corn will be knee high before the 4th of July.

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