Grace is the Hardest Thing

“Grace is the Hardest Thing.”  That’s what I said to the pastor this morning as we left church.  Our pastor just closed on a house this week.  His sermon was about a good banker who gives us a way to pay off a debt.  However, God is a bad banker, who doesn’t give us a way to pay off our impossible debt to Him, but in Jesus He simply cancels the debt.  Jesus paid the whole debt against us with his life.  While we might rejoice over that, a part of us doesn’t like it because its too difficult to understand. How dare God simply cancel my debt to him and not give me any points for going to church, being good to other people, treating my kids and spouse well.  If I give a hand out to the person standing at the bottom of the ramp off I-44 and Lindberg Ave, I get nothing for that.  That’s not fair.  Give me something I can do.  Give me back my control.  I hate losing control.  God says, “Nope, there’s nothing you can do.  Now go out and love your kids and spouse, give something to the homeless person, go to church.  Wait, there is something you can go.  Say, ‘Thank you,’ That’s about it.  Say, ‘thank you’ and love one another and that means all the other others.  That will keep you busy.  Don’t worry about the debt, because I can’t even find it on my books.  In Jesus, I admit I cooked the books.  Have a nice life.”

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