Why being ‘Spiritual’ is Never Enough

I came across an interesting article by Fleming Rutledge in the June issue of Christianity Today. The article is entitled, “Why being ‘Spiritual’ is Never Enough.” In three pages she drives home the point that faith in Christ is neither “spiritual” nor “religious.” Spirituality and religion, as we use the terms today, are human endeavors; whereas Christ is God’s work giving us badly needed justification and salvation, both acts of God’s grace, which we cannot control, but only believe with a radical faith which risks everything on Christ’s death and resurrection.
Fleming Rutledge was an Episcopal parish priest in New York City. I have two of her sermon books. One is “The Undoing of Death” sermons for Holy Week and Easter, the other on the book of Romans. Good stuff.
I highly recommend her article. I Googled her name and the word “Spirituality.”

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