Am I on the Right Track, Lord?


The writer of Psalm 139 begins by acknowledging that the Lord has searched and known him intimately; even to the point of when he sits down and gets up.  Nothing he does or believes is outside God’s knowledge; even every word before he speaks.  The writer is surrounded by God no matter if he goes into the darkest depths of Sheol or the brightest realms of the heavens.  God has been intimately part of his life from the time two gametes united and formed a zygote in his mother’s womb.

God’s thoughts, which number more than the desert sands, are precious as jewels.  But then he reveals an element of hatred within himself.  He wants God to act against the wicked, those who speak maliciously against God, who use God’s name to no good purpose.

He seems a bit defensive when he asks: “Shouldn’t I hate those who hate you, O Lord?  Shouldn’t I be disgusted with those who attack you?”  He wants to know what God thinks.

Therefore, he ends the psalm as he began.  The Lord who knows him intimately, now needs to search him once again to see if his thoughts and heart are on the right track.   “See whether I am on an evil path. Then lead me on the everlasting path.”    It would be well also for us to ask God, “Am I on the right track?”

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