Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth. (Matthew 5:5)

This weekend the pastor from Holy Trinity Orthodox church in Clayton, Wi. preached on meekness.  He shared the following story which shows that meekness is not weakness but strength.

His family vacations on the shores of Lake Superior.  It’s not rocky, but the shoreline is simply rock formed by long time ago Lava flows.  They named various shapes in the area.  One they called a mailbox. It was shaped like a house sized rural mailbox.  But one year when they arrived, the “mailbox” was missing.  It had broken off and fallen into the lake.  As one might expect it was water which caused the break.  But not the water of the booming waves crashing against it for 10,000 years.  It was rather the droplets of water which seeped into the tiny cracks and crevasses.  Over the years and seasons those drops caused the cracks to swell and retreat as the water froze and melted.  After centuries those droplets forced the enormous change in the terrain.

So, it is with meekness.  Meekness is not loud brash in your face challenges.  The early Christians were strong enough to face persecution and even death.  But slowly over a period of 300 years changed the whole Mediterranean world and the Roman Empire.  That’s the meekness of which Christ speaks and that will inherit the earth. It still true today.

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