Standing Before God


Before we moved very far into our worship service this morning, the liturgist informed us why we had gathered in that place. 1. To hear God’s Word. 2. Call upon God in prayer and praise. 3, Receive the body and blood of Christ.

But now the worship leader holds up a stop sign.   Let’s stop a minute and “consider our unworthiness” Do we really want to do this considering that we have little understanding of the “breadth, length, height and depth” of God who fills the whole universe and beyond with His perfect presence?  The liturgist suggests that we own up to the fact, “that we have sinned (missed the bulls eye of the target).”  We have done so in what we have thought this past week. Who of us can keep track of our thoughts?  What about our words?  Any we wish we could take back?  And finally, in what we have done.  The problem is “We cannot free ourselves from our sinful condition.”  For which we have no cure and its fatal.

So, what are we going to do?  The liturgist invites us to “take refuge in the infinite mercy of God…seek His grace because of Jesus Christ.”  Well, ok. Let’s do just that.  Having done that the liturgist risks everything in standing in God’s place saying, “as a called and ordained servant of Christ and by his authority” forgives us all our sins.

Having escaped God’s judgment and with mercy in our pocket, no wonder we burst into the angel’s song, “to God on high be glory and peace to all the earth…”


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