Gospel Opportunity

Gospel Opportunity

I had been engaged in a conversation on Facebook which touched on the political, over which we seem to have totally lost our collective sense of humor.  One of the replies came back, “How Righteous of you.”

I think it was meant sarcastically, but I chose to take it as a compliment and then shared how I am righteous.  I thanked the person and then wrote something along these lines. Through the gift of the Holy Spirit my faith in the atoning death and resurrection of Jesus brings me God’s righteousness replacing my unrighteousness.  Through Jesus, God removes my wrongness before himself and puts Jesus rightness in its place and gives me the credit.

The hymnist Johann Heermann wrote in the 17th century,

True righteousness by faith I gain;

Christ’s work is my salvation.

His death, that perfect sacrifice,

Has paid the all-sufficient price;

In Him my hope is anchored.

LSB 568:4

Thankfully the Holy Spirit was able to break through and for once I had some words with which to reply.


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