Jesus Wrote in the Dirt


In John 8, Jesus, early one morning, was sitting in the temple teaching. He had already been teaching that he was the living water, the bread of life, doing the work of His Father and he was the key to eternal life.  The expert teachers and Pharisees, who were trying to live a good and God pleasing life, were looking for a way to kill Jesus.  Well, nobody’s perfect.

They brought Jesus a woman whom they had caught in adultery.  Did they know Jesus was teaching in the temple grounds? Did they know that this woman was having an affair?  Strange, they only brought the woman, where was the other half of this twosome? Deuteronomy 22:22 -24 clearly says both the man and woman are to be stoned. So, these godly men confronted Jesus with this sinner.  “What do you think Jesus?”  Jesus bent down and began writing in the dirt.  They continued badgering while he was writing.

Finally, he stood up and said, “Whoever has never done anything wrong gets to go first.”  He sat down and continued writing in the dirt.  Eventually, they all drifted away, beginning with the oldest.  The youngest were probably reluctant to lose their chance to sharpen their rock throwing skills.

After a while Jesus stood up and it was just him and woman. “Where did everyone go?  Doesn’t seem to be anyone to accuse you.”  “Seems that way,” the woman said.  Jesus, said, “Neither will I.  Just don’t do it anymore.”

My question is, what did Jesus write in the dirt?  I see I’ve gone on longer than I intended.  Let me know what you think.

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