Look and See


For those of us who learned to read following the antics of Dick, Jane, Sally, Spot and Puff the cat, look and see were some of the first words we encountered.  Look and see Dick run.

This weekend we see Elijah running for his life in I Kings 19:1-8.   At the end of the day he prays “Take my life, because if you won’t, Lord, Jezebel will.” He lays down hoping that when he wakes up he will be dead.  But God sends an angel (or is it God, himself) who wakes up the dejected prophet.  “Get up and eat.”  When Elijah looked, he saw a cake of bread and a jar of water. After another slumber, another rude awakening, he looked and saw more stone – baked bread.  He traveled for 40 days on those two bread meals.

In Gospel lesson, John 6:35-51, Jesus speaks of a bread even better than Elijah’s cake.  And He is the bread, the bread of life who satisfies our hunger for our entire life’s journey.  He is the bread from heaven.  Whoever looks at him and believes has eternal life.  However, his opponents, when they looked they didn’t see the Bread from heaven, but a dangerous upstart from Galilee.  Their hunger was not satisfied until they could look and see him on the cross.

Psalm 34:8, invites us not only to look, but to taste and see the goodness of the Lord.  Look, taste and see the filling Bread who is Jesus.  And when the Jezebels of life threaten us, we can take refuge in Jesus, the Bread who will sustain us on our journey through life into LIFE.

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