A Welcoming Congregation

Becky and I went to church at Holy Cross in St. Genevieve before visiting Adam for at Riverview care and rehab. the church is down in the middle of the historic buildings. It has an unusual altar for a Lutheran Church. The figure of Jesus stands in the middle flanked by the four gospel writers.

The pulpit is sometimes described as the prow of a ship of the church. This one has a face protruding out a bit, like one sees on many ancient vessels.

Some of the hymns started in a low range for me, but the organist went up a half step on some verses. Fun singing. As I often due, I sang the tenor part on some of the stanzas. During one hymn Becky poked me and said I was singing the wrong verse. Picky picky. Holy Cross is an excellent example of a welcoming people.

Surprisingly, there were a number of small children, including infants who set to letting parents and the rest of us know they were not happy. As one man said on the way out, “The natives were restless today.” I said, “It makes me glad that our kids are raised.”

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