Creation and Our Behavior


The Sunday paper contained an article about a large boom being launched into the Pacific to tackle a trash patch between the West Coast and Hawaii twice the size of Texas.  The OT lesson this week, Isaiah 35:1-7, reinforces the strong connection between human behavior and the land. Not everyone in our society is able to accept that biblical truth.

Israel is experiencing a dire situation of helplessness, hopelessness, quaking fear and racing heart beats.  The text doesn’t attach itself to a specific situation.  We can apply it to ourselves when we face similar conditions.

Suddenly, the prophet promises, the desert and the dry land will rejoice and blossom as bubbling springs, pools and streams break forth.  Animals will also leap for joy and find rest there.  Then people too will have hope in the Lord, they will lift drooping hands, quaking knees with be strengthened, the eyes of the blind will see the glory of the Lord at work, the deaf will hear God’s promises, and those without voice will shout.

When Jesus was on the cross the sky darkened and upon his death the earth quaked as it also did at his resurrection.  Paul promises that nothing in all creation can separate us from Jesus Christ.  Indeed, the whole creation waits for humanity’s redemption.  St. John promises, that we are God’s children now.  What we will be hasn’t been made fully apparent.  But when Christ suddenly appears we shall be like him, we and all creation.

The creation belongs to God as we ourselves do.  Take care of our home.


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