A Couple of Thoughts

If being a career politician is such a bad thing, why are millions being spent on illogical ads by people who want to become career politicians?
There is the matter of the exfootball quarterback and Nike shoes. One person, a former parishioner, was so upset that he said he was getting sick. I find that when I am upset putting on my “Nikes” and going for a half hour walk is calming. My walking takes me through a cemetery where I can remember that we humans aught not to take ourselves so seriously. The cemetery reminds me that one day, as Job said in 17:1, “My days are extinct; the graveyard is ready for me.”
Our hope is not in our political stance nor in those who are or would be career politicians, but in Jesus who for us and for our salvation “made his grave with the wicked.” and rose again that we too might rise leaving our sins behind and claiming our full sainthood.

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