Patience and Loving-Kindness without end.

Patience and loving-kindness without end.

Well, we may not have never ending patience and loving-kindness, but that is what we ascribed to our eternal heavenly Father in the Prayer of the Day on Sunday.  I was surprised when I drove to the Seminary library early this morning by my patience with the traffic, That, is not usually the case with me.  So, to have never ending patience and loving-kindness is beyond my reach.  Thankfully, it is one of the chief characteristics of our eternal Father, who in Jesus Christ puts his arms around us and blesses us.

What we did pray for on Sunday is that our eternal Father would send the Holy Spirit to help us “always think and do those things that are pleasing in “Your sight.”  Of course, no matter how much aid I receive from the Holy Spirit I’m not always able to think and do God pleasing things.  Thankfully we pray our request through Jesus Christ who visited us with God’s patience and loving-kindness and lives and rules our lives in grace and mercy, along with the eternal Father and the Holy Spirit, one God, yes, both now and forever.  To that I add my grateful, “Amen.”

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