Wading Through Grace


Being in Jesus Christ means we are wading through grace.  That’s what the Prayer of the Church (Collect) tells us about our life in Christ. “Lord Jesus Christ, whose grace always precedes and follows us.”

Therefore, living in Christ’s flood of grace we ask Jesus to “help us forsake all trust in earthly gain.”  Does that mean that though the lottery is nearly a billion dollars this weekend we shouldn’t buy a ticket?  Well, how about if I don’t come to trust in such earthly gain?

The prayer goes on to tell us in what we should trust.  Notice that we are praying for each other.  “Help us.”  Lord help us “to find in You (Christ) our heavenly treasure.”

According to the entrance psalm, 112:3-4, this is the heavenly treasure of the “wealth and riches” that “are in his house.”  Wading in grace means that our rightness before God and in our life endures forever.  The light that dawns in the darkness is that Jesus grace, mercy and rightness also flows out of our life to flood the lives of those we encounter.


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