Exodus as viewed in Psalms 105 and 106


Psalm 105 Acknowledges that Yahweh is the one who acts through all of history.  Beginning with V. 12 He protects Israel when they were few, wandering from nation to nation.  But in V. 16ff he brought on the famine, he sent Joseph in fetters and iron collar into slavery in Egypt so that Joseph could become powerful and invite his family to live in Egypt.  Though he caused the Israelites to be fruitful and multiply, Yahweh also turned the hearts of the Egyptians against Israel.  Which led to Yahweh bringing Moses on the scene to deliver Israel from slavery.

In Psalm 106:6ff, Yahweh delivers the people even though they have a long  history of sinning.  While in Egypt they forgot about everything God had done previously. At the Red Sea, they rebelled against being caught between the water and the attacking Egyptian army. “Yet he saved them for his name’s sake.” (v. 8). The result was Vs. 12, “They believed his words; they sang his praise.”  But in V. 13, “They soon forgot his words…”  So, it went.  Rebellion, God would hit them upside the head, they would repent, he would save them, and they would praise him until the next day when they forgot.

Engendered quite a discussion this morning in class.


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