Working out at Concordia Seminary Library


The Sem library has always been a good place for a workout.  Stairways connect the lower level with the second story.  Heavy tomes help build biceps.

But now in the renovated library new features have been added.  The lower level is now crammed floor to ceiling with books.  All the chairs and study tables have been removed, no sitting and lounging while perusing a book.

But there’s more.  To survey the books on the lowest shelves I get down on my knees and elbows. (Never mind the view from behind.)  Then having pulled a book from the shelf I push myself up, sometimes with the help of a higher shelf.

But there is more. To reach the higher shelves a stool is provided, about 18 inches high.  That puts me right close to seven feet.   Sometimes I need to hold onto a shelf for balance, so I don’t go crashing to the floor in an ungainly gymnastics move.   Now, while concentrating on proper balance, I can reach the books on the higher levels.

Now I suppose I could sit on that stool and bend over to peer into those lowest shelves; however, that presents the danger of leaning to far over and tumbling into an unintentional somersault.

At last having safely procured my wanted books I then carry them up stairs to the check out counter.  By the time I walk back to the car with a satchel full of books I have been through a full body workout.  Who needs to go to the gym?

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