Who are Those dressed in the White Robes?

This morning many of us heard from Rev. 7:9-17. Numbers beyond counting hope in the Lamb (Christ) having made their robes white in his blood. Among that great multitude are people, “from every nation, from all tribes and peoples and and languages.” John also wrote in his first letter, “that when he appears we shall be like him.”
As those words were read in worship, I thought of the vitriol, insults, lies and fears hurled in this present political campaign. At times we who are among blessed in Christ, find ourselves drawn into the fray with strong emotions lumping those with whom we disagree into a heap of ______. We do well to remember that many of those who dressed in white robes will be of a multitude of colors, languages, nations and peoples. Since we will be living in eternity with one another, we do well to make every effort to practice our life together in the here and now.

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