He Noticed Her

He Noticed Her

Often, we preachers use the story in Mark 12:38-44 of the widow who put her last two pennies in the temple offering box as an incentive for stewardship giving in church.  We may take another view of Jesus watching people in the temple.  Yes, Jesus people watched.

He noticed her.  His mother, Mary, was right when she sang more than thirty years before, “My soul magnifies the Lord…because He has looked kindly at His humble servant… and lifted up lowly people…those who were hungry He has filled with good things.”

He also knew the widow.  He knew she had put in everything she had.  She made herself a defenseless prey for the long-robed scribes, who while taking the best seats and devouring the food at banquets would leave and then devour the widows house even while issuing long prayers in behalf of the dispossessed poor and hungry.

The story ends with her impoverishment.  How will we write the end of the story?

Hanging on our front door is a blue bag from the Boys Scouts.  Did you receive one?  Filling the bag is a small way we can look after those whom we might not notice during the week.  For as Mary sang, “He has come to help his servant and remember His mercy.”  That includes us. We too have received mercy, even as we are called to show mercy.

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