Thanksgiving Acrostic


T is for the tree in forest and garden, the tree of the cross; the tree of life growing along the banks of the river of the water of life.

H is for the Holy Spirit who brings us to faith through the gospel and keeps us in the one true faith.

A is for Adam and Eve without whom we would not be and for the second Adam with whom we shall be in eternity.

N is for being new creatures in Christ able to live in new resurrected bodies in God’s new heaven and new earth.

K is for the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ.

S is for the sacred scripture that are able to make us wise for salvation through faith in Christ Jesus.

G is God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit to whom we give thanks for his daily and eternal gifts.

I is for the imperishable inheritance we will receive when our mortal bodies put on immortality.

V is for Christ’s victory over death in his resurrection, the guarantee of our faith.

I is for the image of the invisible God born by Jesus who restores us to the image of God.

N is for our new name.  No longer called Forsaken and Desolate, but My Delight is in you.

G is for Grace, that which we receive at the Lord’s Table, and that which we give at the Thanksgiving table.



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