Reading with One Eye


I had cataract surgery on my right eye Nov. 6. The left eye is scheduled for Dec. 18. My right eye has taken over and I can see distance things clearly.  Up close is another matter.  I wear “readers” just to see what I’m eating.

What got me started down this rabbit hole was Garrison Keillor writing about downsizing his library as he and his wife move to an apartment.  Becky has been after me for years, and I’ve made some effort.  I’ve even talked to the head librarian at the seminary.

Downsizing is perilous.  For instance, I put Augustine’s “City of God” in a box for the seminary, but then pulled it out, shouldn’t I read this book I’ve had over 50 years?  Thomas Merton writes I only must read three chapters to get the gist.  And there is the first historian, Herodotus.  Maybe a question about the upset victory of the Greeks over the Persians in the 5th century BC will be on the exam for entry into the pearly gates.

Then there is the biblical book of Hebrews.  Some years ago, I collected several studies, but when I retired, I gave the books away.  Now a person in the class on teach on Friday mornings wanted to study Hebrews.  Thankfully, the Sem. library and the Resurrection Church libraries are well equipped.

The class I teach has been described as trying to herd cats. I imagine a bunch of knowledgeable rabbis going at it.  Free flowing discussions and questions.   It’s great fun.

I can’t wait to get my left eye done and read with two refurbished eyes.

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