Andrew Apostle, Mark Twain & L.M Montgomery

The final question on Jeopardy last night noted that Advent begins the first Sunday nearest this “first disciples” day.  No one knew the answer.

Andrew initially was a disciple of John the Baptist.  John’s preaching brought him to recognize Jesus as the Christ.  According to John 1:40 he was the first of the disciples.  He immediately brought his brother Simon to Jesus.

When Jesus was confronted with five thousand hungry people, Andrew pointed out a boy who had five loaves and two fish.  Later when some Greeks wanted to see Jesus, Andrew, along with Philip, told Jesus.

Early church historian Eusebius quotes Origin (c.200) that Andrew preached in Asia Minor (Turkey) along the Black Sea as far as Volga and Kiev.  He was martyred by crucifixion in western Greece, perhaps on an X shaped cross.  He is held in special honor in Scotland, Greece, and Russia.

But there is more to this November 30.

Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain) was born in Florida, Mo. in 1835.  If you can’t get to Florida, you can go to Florida, Mo on the south shore of Mark Twain Lake southwest of Hannibal.

This is also the birthday of L.M. Montgomery born on Prince Edward Island in 1874.  She wrote the series of “Anne of Green Gables.”


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