Wonders of Wandering the Library


“Did you find what you were looking for?” asked the seminary student at the check- out desk.  “I found something I wasn’t looking for.” I answered.  While downstairs browsing in the stacks I spotted a book at the end of a row entitled, “Christians at the Border.”  I have been thinking for some time that many of the people seeking entry into our country have been baptized into the same body of Christ into which I was baptized.  Being in Christ’s body and having received his resurrection life, changes how I look at the world and my fellow members of Christ’s body.  I am called to see through the eyes of Jesus Christ, through whom and for whom all things were created and saved in his dying and resurrection.  For followers of Christ, that is part of the discussion.

However, the wonders of wandering had started at the entry way.  When pastors disperse their library, they can bring them to the Sem and those books are made available for free.  I had been searching for a particular translation of the bible, and there it was, not that I need more translations, but I use this one on line for my daily readings.  And it was just the right price.

But back downstairs among the stacks having just found the book I wasn’t looking for, Bob Kolb appeared.  Bob is a classmate, long time professor, and he and his wife Pauline spend most of their time in Germany, where he studies Reformation history.  They had just returned.  It is always good to talk with Bob.

But there is more, back upstairs and checking out the latest periodicals I discovered that Concordia Historical Institute Quarterly had devoted one whole issue to my alma mater, Concordia University in St. Paul.

I’m not much of a daring-do guy, but such wonders to be found while library wandering makes for a satisfying and exciting day, and it was time to go home and savor my treasures.

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