Saturday mornings


Becky and I have developed nice Saturday morning habit the last couple of weeks.  We first drive over to see Adam in Northview village.  As we passed Barnes-Jewish – Children’s hospital, Becky commented, “This is like a race track.”  Three lanes of traffic in a seeming drag race hoping to hit green lights. Then past some old stately homes, numerous large churches and the out- of -our -price -range Chase Park Plaza.   Crossing Delmar, we enter another world of boarded up buildings, no banks, but cash checking businesses nor much for grocery stores, the only restaurants are Popeyes and Church’s; there are plenty of beauty supply stores, auto parts stores and AME churches.  North of Martin Luther King Dr., Kingshighway becomes a grass and tree filled divided boulevard.  A few more blocks and we pull into the parking lot, of a former hospital, we sign in and then wait for the creaking elevator to arrive.  We punch in the code for the 3rd floor and go to visit Adam.   And there we find our son, well cared for and safe in an unexpected place.

And then we retrace our route, take Hwy 40 over the River, stopping at the Golden Corral at Collinsville for brunch, we eat high on the hog. With stomachs filled we travel up 157 to Meridian Village to visit Jeanette in her waning days.  What a surprise when we see Karen Shimkus visiting her mother.  It’s been too long since we’ve seen her.

Saturday mornings, traveling through multiple worlds and finding surprises.


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