The Day Morning Moved

January 11, this is the day I’ve waited for.  On the day of the winter solstice we are told that it is the shortest “day” of the year.  That’s only partly true.  Indeed, within a couple of days sunset starts going to bed later, so that by today it will stay up about fifteen minutes later.  The trouble is getting sunrise to rise and shine earlier. You see, after solstice day sunrise pulls the covers up over its head and stays put in bed for four minutes longer until 7:20.  Until today.  At last it’s started to get its lazy bones out of bed to make its breakfast appearance at 7:19. Now we can officially look forward to daffodil days.

All this on a day when we have our first real snowstorm in five years.  Even now, though the sun has gone to bed an hour and a half ago, outside the darkness is unable to overcome the light.  Even now, the snow has crept halfway up the rear tire of my Kia Forte.  The pine tree in the back yard is flocked in white.  Weeds, an old machinery wheel and the top of a wood wind mill my brother made me some years ago are wearing fanciful top hats in a variety of designs.  Its supposed to snow all night.  I wonder what new shapes will appear when the sun rises at 7:18.    

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