A January Cardiac Day

There was nothing unusual about walking the mile from our house on Arlington to Immanuel on that 1988 January Sunday morning when the air was painful to breath.  I thought the ache in my chest was a bit different but there two services and a Bible Class to cover. Friday, I had skied along the Black River and needed to change my ski wax due to warming temperatures.  No problem.

Monday morning, I made the church walk again, and again the pain.  “I’m think I’m having a heart attack,” I announced.  But Cathy Embke and my partner Pastor Bob Reinhardt were busy, and no one paid attention, neither did I.  So, after a morning of teaching confirmation etc., I walked home for lunch a slight uphill grade.  Across from the Kibbel house I stopped, I thought, “Maybe I should stop at the Kibbel’s for a bit.”  But the pain subsided, and I slowly walked the rest of the way.  After lunch another walk, mostly on the downgrade, back to church.  Once again, the pain.  A Member of the congregation was in the office and I asked whether he could give me a ride to the clinic.

Once at our doctor’s office they said, “Sit right there and don’t move.”  Eventually I had to move and get to a phone to call home.  I told Adam and apparently sometime after Becky got home from teaching at Granton he remembered to come up from the basement and tell Becky, “Dad is in the hospital.”

A week or so later I was having surgery with multiple by-passes.  I was 47 years old.  Our family doctor came in and asked how I was doing, “Not bad for someone who has had his chest split open with an ax,” I said.

That was thirty-one years ago and two more ax wielding’s with a few stents between 2 & 3.

People tell me that God has things for me to do yet.  I wonder what it could be…  I read of classmates dying, I wonder, “What is wrong with you people anyway?”    To quote my 13-year-old granddaughter who told Becky today, “I’ve sure got a good life.”

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