The Day God Called Jeremiah

What did you want to be when you were 15 or 16?  How did that turn out?

Jeremiah belonged to a priestly family who Solomon banished to the territory of Benjamin in about 950 BC.  Now its 628 BC. God is about to turn the teenager’s life upside down.  One day, out of the blue, Yahweh broke in on him.  “Hey, Jer. Did you know I knew you before I even formed you in your mother’s womb?  And while I was splitting cells and knitting you together, I decided that I wanted you to be my international prophet.”

“Wait, just a minute,” Jeremiah protested.  “I’m just a kid.  You want me to talk for you?  Are you joking?  I don’t know how to speak, publicly.”

God retorted, “No excuses.  You will go where I send you.  You will say what I command you to say. You don’t need to be afraid, I’m with you.  I’ll rescue you when you get in trouble.”  Then Yahweh reached out and touched Jeremiah’s tongue and said, “There, I’ve put my word in your mouth.  You have authority to speak to the nations in my behalf.  Thus, you will tell them of doom and destruction and of rising and rebuilding again.”

Now, folks, you may think you’re safe from God breaking in and uprooting your day, because you’re no longer a teenager.  Well, remember Moses was 80 years old when God had a word with him from a burning bush.  And Amos, a farmer, was minding his own business when God told him to drop everything and go speak to the leaders in northern Israel.  When it comes to God, no body is too young or too old.  No one is safe.

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