King Saul went Crazy. You can read about it in the first book of Samuel About corrupting power of power, it’s a manual Concerning David, Saul who’d grown paranoid He declared the life of that upstart null and void He placed his replacement under a curse Made plot and plan to send David home in a hearse. Saul’s own children, daughter Michal and son John Knew David was as innocent as a swimming swan Tried to make their father see some sense And believe their defense of David’s innocence But all their words only made Saul more sure To bury David’s body in a pile of manure When David came to a priest of Nob, Ahimelech David hoped a meal of bread he might fetch The priest gave him the day – old bread of Presence For from the fresh loaves arose savory scents David said, “Have a spear or sword at hand that if attacked, I might make a stand?” Said the priest, “I have the sword of Goliath the Philistine.” David said, “With that I can do any enemy in.” But lurking about was Doeg, chief of Saul’s herds He tattle-taled to Saul what he saw and heard. Saul summoned Ahimelech and all the priests of Nob Saul, of eighty-five priests, their lives he robbed. And he commanded his horrible authoritative word All, whether woman or child suffered the sword. Still we live in that same terrible world Where evil around us continues to whirl And where is God, our creator and Savior To permit this endless human behavior? We can but look to him who hung the cross Who paid with His life for Judas’ double-cross? For in Christ we come to the intersection Of death and life, of hope and resurrection.

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