A Day that takes the Breath Away

Normally when we hear the phrase, “It takes my breath away,” that’s a good thing. The photos of the snow in Wisconsin are breath taking.  That’s not taking into consideration digging out.   In the St. Louis area, it’s a beautiful morning with the sun shining brightly, an unusual thing for winter here.  For me it’s literally a breath-taking day. With wind blowing, 25 to 60 miles mph, I wouldn’t be able to get my breath outdoors.

But the Epistle lesson (I Corinthians 15:21-42) for this week is also breath taking.  As we labor through winter; as we approach the purple season of lent, we have a bit of Easter.  The good news of Resurrection.  If are wrapped up in politics, struggles in the church for control, at work, personal ambition, or power struggles within us, then consider this breath-taking news.  “Then the end will come, when He hands over the Kingdom to God the Father, after He has put an end to every government, authority, and power.”  All the political power struggles, all those power difficulties among followers of Christ, all those we encounter at work, or within ourselves exist in the realm of death which came through that first man Adam, the man made of dirt. But resurrection has also come through a man, Jesus Christ.  He is the first fruits of the harvest of the resurrection and we will follow him.  As Paul wrote to the Philippians, Everyone and everything will kneel before the true and lasting power in the universe and proclaim, “JESUS CHRIST IS LORD.”

That will be a day that takes the breath away.  

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