A Tumor became my Mother

I may have told you before about how on March 1, 1912 on the homestead of August and Johanna Glaubitz a rumored tumor turned out to be my mother.
How at age 46 Johanna was preparing to take the train to the Twin Cities for surgery. How pains she hadn’t felt in eight years sent son Bruno on horseback to fetch Dr. Tanner. How Dr. Tanner came out by sleigh. How a snowstorm prevented him from going back home that night. How their oldest daughter, Ida, gave birth to her third son on Feb. 28. How both my mother and her nephew missed being leap year babies by a day. How they were both baptized on May 25. How my mother, Esther, married my father, Victor. How her nephew, Bernard, married dad’s sister Mildred. How their son Monte is both a second and a first cousin.
In other news, Autumn begins in Australia and New Zealand today and its St. David’s Day in Wales and this day is the first day meteorological spring whether you believe it or not. No I don’t know who St. David was in Wales. Google it.

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