Jesus’ Exodus

On the Mt of Transfiguration, Moses and Elijah appeared in glory before Jesus in his glory.  The three spoke of his death (Luke 9:31).  Luke uses the word Exodus.  That word reminds us of Moses leading the people of Israel (Jacob) out of bondage to freedom. Elijah, representing the prophets, was a prophet to the people of Israel in captivity in Babylon.  Both the Torah and the prophets foretold of the One who would lead the people out of bondage and captivity.  As Jesus told the folks in his hometown synagogue, the spirit of the Lord had anointed and sent him to proclaim gospel to the poor, freedom to captives, recovery of sight to the blind and liberty to the oppressed.  God cares so much for those under the weight of poverty, spiritual and physical blindness, or captive to enslaving powers or those exiled from God, that God would send his only Son to suffer and die that they might be free and filled and exalted above those who press them down.  Thus, the three spoke, “Of his Exodus which he was destined to accomplish in Jerusalem.”  That is what the Spirit had anointed Jesus to do.

Not long after he and the three disciples came down from the mountain, Luke reports, “his face was set for Jerusalem.”  He was headed for the city of peace where he would find no peace.

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