Full Moon on First Spring Day

The full shiny shining moon peeks through the bare limbs of the oak trees in the yards of the houses behind us.  It’s sitting there beside a red lighted radio tower located on the Lindbergh H.S. campus.  Right now, they are equal in height, but I’m confident the moon will win and traverse from the east side of our house to the west in the hours ahead and the tower will stay put.

I had a diabetic appointment with my endocrinologist this afternoon.  I parked per usual in the outer reaches of the hospital parking lot (Aerobic exercise), where a man was wandering about obviously in search of his car.  Knowing how foolish one can feel having lost your car I said, “It’s happened to me too.”  He responded, “I could have sworn I parked lined up with the door, but now I see its way over here.”  “Probably moved itself out of spite,” I surmised.

Thus, I made my way toward the doctors’ building to see Dr. Thampy.   Now back in December that they had sent in a request for a Lebre free style glucose meter that I could put on my arm and forgo the four-a-day-finger stick.  But I had never heard anything.  Dr. Thampy had warned me that there would be trouble getting it.  So, I called CCS a couple weeks ago and they said they had no record of the request.  I called Thampy’s office and Heather said she would send it again.  Then last Thursday a woman called from CCS and it seemed things were underway.  But nothing.  I called this morning and was told that the notes from the December office visit on the 17th were out of date.  They would need a set of up to date notes.  I didn’t think until I hung up that the notes were still good last week, but their failure to act made them outdated this week.

I told Thampy’s nurse and she shared some tales of woe with getting the Lebre Free Style but would send in the notes from today’s visit.  I mentioned it to Dr. Thampy, and he smiled and said it will come before Christ returns.  I said, “That better be a long way off.”  But if Christ does return before I get the new glucose meter, it won’t matter, because I’ll have a whole new body minus 12 bi-passes, of which only one from 1988 works, minus diabetes and minus a pace maker.

As Rev. 22:20 says, “erxou kurie Iasou – Come, Lord Jesus.”

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