David Stayed Home

My OT reading today included 2 Samuel 11.  David was riding high.  He had overseen the of the Ark of the Covenant’s return to Jerusalem (Chap. 6).  In Chap 7 the Lord promises that someone from David’s house will always occupy the throne. David wins one military victory after another. (chaps. 8 & 10) Chap. 9 has David giving Jonathon’s crippled son, Mephibosheth, a lifetime guarantee of a place at his table.

Then comes chapter 11. David decides to stay home when Joab leads the armies out to war.  One day, David walks about the roof of his palace in the cool late afternoon breeze and looking down he sees a beautiful woman finishing up her bath after her period. David asks, “Who is that?”  An advisor said, “isn’t that Bathsheba, Uriah the Hittite’s wife.”  So, David being King sent for her, they had sex and soon she sent word, “I’m pregnant.”

Problem.  But David has a solution.  Send for her husband who is off to war, give him some “R & R.”  But Uriah refuses to go home to his wife, twice.

Problem. But David has a solution. He sent word via Uriah that his general Joab put him in the worst fighting then pull back his troops abandoning Uriah.  Joab sent word back that the plan worked.  Oh, there was some collateral damage, some of Joab’s elite soldiers also were killed.  David said, “Don’t worry. These things happen in war.”

When the mourning period for Uriah was over, David sent for Bathsheba, they were married, and she had the baby.  No problem.

Problem.  We learn, “But the thing that David had done displeased the lord.” Problem, big problem.

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