God Acts on His Displeasure with David

In 2 Samuel 12, we learn what God intend to do over his displeasure with David’s power grab of Uriah’s wife and the murder of her husband.  God sends the preacher.  Pastor Nathan tells David a story about a rich man who had large flocks and herds and a poor man who had one ewe lamb.  The ewe lamb held out the prospect the start of a herd of his own.

But the rich man, rather than taking one from his own herd to feed a visitor, instead took the poor man’s lamb.  David, said, “that guy ought to die and give the man four ewes as replacement.”

I imagine pastor Nathan quietly saying, “You’re the man.”  Eventually when David admits his horrible actions, Nathan tells him that God has already put those away.   But there would be consequences.  Trouble and violence would be an ever- present reality in his life.  Though David acted secretly, these things would be in public.

And so, it was, the child died, though Bathsheba soon gave birth to Solomon.  But David’s son Ammon raped his half – sister, Tamar, who was the brother of Absalom.   Eventually, Absalom’s killing his half – brother in revenge.  Absalom became an outcast and as the years passed, he undercut David and David had to flee his son.  In the long run Absalom himself was killed.

This may not be an uplifting story.  But the bible is an honest book.  It doesn’t try to white wash the misdeeds of humanity.  The bible functions as a mirror.   Intending to lead us to throw ourselves on God’s mercy, which he has already provided for us in Jesus death and resurrection.  He has already put our sins away.  When we confess our sins on Sunday we will simply be claiming what is already ours, that is, God’s grace and mercy.    

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