Victim of a Cruciverbalist

No, I don’t mean someone talking about Jesus crucifixion.  That is the core of the Christian faith.  Jesus was the victim in that case enabling me to be the victor.

I mean, the people who put together the New York Times Sunday Crossword puzzle, usually edited by Will Shortz.  Those cruciverbalists frustrate my Sunday afternoons and evenings week after week.

Years ago, I called on a church member working on the puzzle while in the hospital.  She said, “I go through the puzzle trying to get a toehold.”  Today my toehold was “yip” from the clue, “Chihuahua’s sound.”    That led to “tps” from “Decorates” on Halloween, say.”  Together they formed an upside down cross or T, if you like.

But I haven’t gotten much beyond that today.  I may have to declare, as I do too often, “If you’re going to make the puzzle so hard, I’m just not going to do it.  Ha! Take that!”

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