My Favorite Hymn

I told Becky as the organist introduced the hymn.  I told Lisa Durham and Brenda Schultze, when Lisa pulled on my sleeve as I waited to go to the communion rail. I told the Vicar standing in the not warm spring sunshine as I left the church. “We sang my favorite hymn today, Now the Silence.”

The wedding of Jaroslav Vajda’s words and Carl Schalk’s tune makes for an expression of musical joy in its “Peculiar meter.”  It’s music good for dancing. We sing it far too seldom.

Now the silence Now the peace Now the empty hands uplifted

Now the kneeling Now the plea Now the Father’s arms in welcome

Now the hearing Now the pow’r Now the vessel brimmed for pouring

Now the body Now the blood Now the joyful celebration

Now the wedding Now the songs Now the heart forgiven leaping

Now the Spirit’s visitation Now the Son’s epiphany

Now the Father’s blessing Now Now Now.

Not only that, it was followed by Johann Franck’s hymn, “Jesus, Priceless Treasure.”

Not only that, we did a rare thing in the church in this day, we started the on the first page of the Divine Service, ended on the last page and did everything in between.

Big excitement this morning for this old preacher as we with joy drew water from the wells of salvation. (Isaiah 12:1-6)

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