How Good It Is

Under warm skies we ate supper on the back patio, Wayne and Bev, Sarah and Cobin, while Becky played with the grandkids in the front yard. Wayne and Bev were missing the late, hopefully last winter storm in the upper Midwest. The psalmist wrote, “See how good and pleasant it is when brothers and sisters live together in harmony!”

 With excitement we spotted the owl winging for the pine.  From the noise I knew there would be two and there was. We listened with fascination as Cobin shared stories of growing up in Taiwan, his grandfather having an eel farm and riding the crowded trains standing between the car connections.

A turkey vulture floated on the current far above the trees, while squirrels scampered on the still bare oaks and a loud cardinal flew from branch to branch to branch.  Small black butterflies flitted around the back fence and two rabbits hopped through the edge of the flower garden.  A pair of rabbits, not a good sign, unless one is a rabbit.

Under the canopy of oaks, redbuds budded, magnolias and pear trees bloomed white and purple while daffodils added a yellow hue beneath.

The psalmist compares it to “scented oil on the head and running down the beard of Aaron.” In such a scene is “where the Lord promised the blessing of eternal life.”  Those moment of harmony between people and God’s creation is a preview of the completion of the new creation promised in Christ’s coming.

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