Bobbing Heads among the Headstones

It’s Good Friday and Becky and I will soon be heading off to Resurrection to hear of Jesus’ crucifixion, the soldiers gambling for his clothes as he hung naked on the cross between two other naked man and then about 3 p.m. he will say, “It is finished.”

But right now, I’m thinking of the children at the St. Lucas preschool who at 10:00 leave their classrooms and run up to their playground in the corner of the cemetery.  If I’m out walking in that quiet village, I marvel to watch those little heads bobbing up and down as they run along the road between the granite lifeless headstones marking the graves of the lifeless.

Death and life, that’s what these days are about.  One day Christ will return and wreak havoc on those lifeless headstones as graves open and the lifeless will be given new life.   Those bobbing heads among the lifeless headstones are a future look at what will happen in all the cemeteries across the world.  That playground in the corner of the cemetery looks ahead to when we all will play again in the heavenly realms.

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