You Gotta Love a Sense of Humor

It occurred to me that as Proverbs 10:12 advises, “Hate starts quarrels, but love covers every wrong.”  That bit of wisdom is echoed in I Peter 4:8, when he advises that having been loved to death by Christ, “Above all, continue to love one another fervently, because love covers many sins.”  James ends his letter in the same way.

This love is a determination not to let our faults and foibles and sins become an obstacle in our relationship with God and with one another.  After all, Paul tells us in I Cor. 13, that when all is said and done, love alone will stand.

Now what I just wrote about in the above is not what I intended to write.  That’s the problem with writing, the writer often loses control and the whole kit and kaboodle goes off in its own direction.

What I intended to write was, that love may cover a multitude of sins, but a sense of humor covers a bunch of stuff too.   The only thing which comes to mind is the words of my German teacher at Concordia College. St. Paul.  Mr. Ehrhardt, liked to say when something happened in class, “Hans Vockle sweet petunia, ja, ja, ja.”  He said that when he asked Tom Schoenborn, one spring afternoon, to continue reading using a word that sounded like “Weider.” So, Tom got up and opened the window wider.  Mr. Ehrhardt used the phrase when Dave came into class late and said, “Besser Spate als nie.”  Better late than never.

You gotta love it.  

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