Mother’s Day Weekend

 Recently in the Mutts cartoon (features 2 dogs and acorn throwing squirrels) one character called out on a rainy day, “Rain, rain, go away come again some other day.”  His friend replies, “What if this is the ‘other day?’”

We’ve had a lot of “other” days this spring, including today.  This morning Sarah went with us to see Adam.  We waited for the creaky elevator, gave him his banana and we walked the length of the hall in this facility in the former De Paul Hospital on north Kingshighway.

I’ve been writing a poem for Mother’s Day and searched for a fitting Bible passage.  I ended up with Prov. 31: 26-29.   The following is my slightly amended version.

She speaks with wisdom,

 Instruction is tender on her tongue.

She keeps a close eye on her family,

Never eating her bread idly.

Her children and husband

Sing her praises, saying,

“Many women have done noble deeds,

But you, them all accedes.”

Tomorrow is Good Shepherd Sunday.  In the Epistle, Rev. 7:9-17, we will hear of the multitude beyond number gathered before the throne and the Lamb, who also is the guiding shepherd. This great throng are waving palm branches.  Palm branches recalls Palm Sunday when the crowd welcomed Jesus, the new King David, into the capital city of Jerusalem.  In the Near East Palm branches are abundant and were used as decorations in Solomon’s temple.  The righteous “will flourish like the palm trees.” (Ps. 92:12) In Song of Songs, Solomon says, “Young woman, your figure is like a palm tree, and your breasts are like its clusters.”  (I guess you could use that quote for Mother’s Day).

Mostly though Palm trees are associated with the Tree of Life (Rev. 22) and victory.  In Revelation it’s the victory of Christ that is celebrated.

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